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Meet the Next Gypsy

February 27, 2017

Joel Hodgson announces MST3K's newest cast member:

Gypsy is back for the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and thanks to some design adjustments, and the wonderful talent of her new voice – Miss Rebecca Hanson – she'll be more involved than ever before!...

Now, If you were one of the backers who received our "thank you" postcard from set, you may have noticed that there was an extra signature on the back, along with me, Jonah, Baron, Hampton, Felicia and Patton. 

In fact, a few of you even wrote to ask me, "Who is Rebecca Hanson?"

I'm so glad to finally get to tell you more about her. 

I met Rebecca about four years ago in Chicago, and simply put, I just really liked her. She was so funny, and talented, and a “good hang” too! Adding to all that, on a professional level Rebecca has been performing improv, sketch comedy, and singing and writing in Chicago for over a decade. She has toured all over the US and is a proud alum of The Second City National Touring Company and ComedySportz Chicago too.

And honestly, I think in the back of my mind, I was hoping to give Gypsy a hint of a Midwestern voice. Rebecca can do lots of voices and dialects, but deep underneath all that, she’s an Iowan!

At the same time, Rebecca also has a second ongoing role on the new MST3K as one of Kinga's minions, whose identity I will reveal in a later update! Plus, Rebecca is writing on several episodes of the new season as well. And she did so well that, next season – Lord willing and creek don’t rise – we’re hoping to give her even more writing assignments!

Also, now that we're on the other side of production and I've seen the finished episodes, I just have to tell you: Rebecca has already done an amazing job being Gypsy, and quite frankly, she’s added some great new wrinkles to the character that I simply couldn’t have anticipated. 

Long story short, I’m really thrilled with her work and I think you will be too!"

Rebecca Hanson, voice of Gypsy. (Darren Michaels, SMPSP)

Rebecca Hanson, voice of Gypsy. (Darren Michaels, SMPSP)

Los Angeles Times

Meet the new faces aboard 'Mystery Science Theater 3000's' Satellite of Love

April 12, 2017

Gypsy - Rebecca Hanson

The Second City alum is the first woman to voice Gypsy. According to Hanson, the beloved “MST3K” bot is going to get a lot more screen time and a slightly new attitude in the revival. “Now that Gypsy is voiced by a woman, there's just a different point of view there,” Hanson says. “Especially by someone who likes to have fun and doesn't mind telling people what to do, but in a fun way. I feel like Gypsy is different. I hope Gypsy is well-received by the masses.”

Favorite MST3K Episode: “Mitchell” 

I Love ‘Mitchell.’ I will often quote stuff from ‘Mitchell.’ There's a lot of ‘hot merging action’ that happens in life.”